Build the life you choose with the people you love.

Stacey McLarty, Attorney at Law, offers web-based legal and practical solutions for people whose lives don’t fit in standard forms.

Pre-nuptial and Relationship Agreements

Rental and Real Estate

Divorce and Mediation

Wills and End of Life Planning

Innovative solutions for modern life

If you’re looking for an attorney with a fancy downtown office, expensive suits, and high hourly rates, this is not the lawyer you are looking for.

Stacey McLarty, Attorney at Law, is a web-based law office that harnesses technology to meet people where they are, providing clients with flexibility and convenience. You can consult with your attorney when you are ready, without getting dressed up, looking for parking, or trying to squeeze in a meeting during traditional office hours. 

Dread making phone calls? Most communication can be handled by text and e-mail. For a more face-to-face experience, we can set up a confidential videoconference with real-time consultations and mediations.

Everyone is welcome (even the “normal” folks). You don’t have to have an unusual lifestyle to appreciate having a lawyer who listens to you and wants to customize solutions to meet your needs.  If you do walk a less-traveled path, you can have confidence in an attorney who isn’t going to judge your lifestyle choices.

If you are in the central Texas area (or a city where I’ll be visiting) we can even arrange an in-person meetup at your home or local conference room. 

To request in introductory conference, simply send me a note by clicking below. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible so we can look at your options for building your ideal life.

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