About Me

Legal Experience

A graduate of the University of Texas School of Law, I was licensed as a Texas attorney in 2005 and have been a certified mediator since 2003. My career began with regulatory and administrative law, working to ensure the physical and financial health and safety of people across the state.  In 2013, I began regularly volunteering to provide family law services for low-income family violence survivors through Volunteer Legal Services of Central Texas. I have recently opened my solo practice to provide wholistic legal services that are inclusive of folks with non-traditional lifestyles.

Personal and Family

I live in Austin, Texas, with my nesting partner and our two dogs. My other long-term partner lives only a block away and is an integral part of my daily life. I’m the hinge in an egalitarian polyamorous “V.”  I recently got legally married to one of my partners in a small ceremony, surrounded by friends and family. 

Community Participation

My partners and I are longtime members of the local polyamory community. I have regularly participated in and given workshops at PolyBigFun the Austin-area polyamory conference since 2011. Speaking and workshop topics have included both legal  (such as “Legal Agreements for Poly Folks”) and general interpersonal issues (such as “Making Meaningful Apologies”).

I am also a participant in the local Burner community, attending BurningFlipside and acting as a Safety Volunteer for the event.

My law practice reflects my personal values, including supporting the freedom of consenting adults to choose how they want to live in their homes,  communities, and families of choice.